Dr. Arun Kumar

32 years of experience

MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS


  • Also Honoured With Gold Medal For Doctor Of Millenium Award in 2001.
  • Doctor at Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinics.
  • Member of Managing Director All India Institute of Research in Vedic Science..

Sexologist Doctors For Male In India

In a country like India, discussing sex-related problems has always been considered taboo. However, in recent times, people are increasingly seeking qualified sexologists to openly discuss their sexual problems, be it infertility, masturbation addiction, or other issues that were once the exclusive preserve of anonymous advice columns.

So, we have listed down 10 best sexologists in India. These doctors are very experienced in their field. He has received education and training in human sexual health, orientation, development, relationships, dysfunction and disorder. These doctors can help overcome sexual desires, disabilities, and difficulties in realizing satisfying sexual activities for their partners. He deals with the problems of every patient very carefully and helps them to overcome them. These doctors do penile enlargement, HIV treatment, etc. and also advise you on the best post-sex reassignment surgery if needed. Sex reassignment surgery is performed by some of the best transgender doctors.