Waffle game is The words are shown in a grid that looks like a waffle. When you first start the game, you see a square of tiles with squares that are checked. They have been put in a way that looks like a crossword puzzle, both vertically and horizontally. There is a letter on each tile, some are green, some are yellow, and some are gray.

Due to the now-familiar green, yellow, and gray color scheme for the hints, it's easy to see that the game has very little in common with Wordle muse. When you play Wordle, you make new guesses to find the hidden word of the day. But on Waffle, there are not just one, but six words hidden along a winding path.

There are 6 words that are hidden. Each clue is 5 characters long, and 3 are hidden vertically and 3 are hidden horizontally. You have a total of 15 Swaps to move the "yellow" and "gray" letters that are out of place so that they match up with the "green" letters that are already there.