PKMBuy - What is the Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the first Gen 9 Pokemon game in the series and takes place in the Paldea region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula. The overarching theme of the game is the conflict between the past and the future, and it's done right in the details, such as crime fever professors Sada (Scarlet) and Turo (Violet), new legends Koraidon and Miraidon, and the introduction of new paradox Pokemon. We can Buy Shiny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at PKMBuy.

These should not be confused with new evolutions or forms, as they are brand new Pokémon species and should be treated as such. At the same time, they are also different from Wigglet, which is not Digglet, but another Pokemon with a similar background, purely by coincidence and an adaptation to the environment.

Definition of Paradox Pokemon
The definition of a paradox is that a self-contradictory statement, even a situation that should not happen by normal means, is possible. Phrases like "This is unusual, but it happens every day." The Time Paradox is often used as a driving plot for movies, books, games, and more.

In the context of Pokémon, Paradox Pokémon is a creature that exists simultaneously in the past, present, and future, representing its current era with its unique designs and traits. They are always seen as a different species, but still look very similar to their current versions. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Paradox Pokemon are handled similarly to Ultra Beasts in Gen 7, being a different class from regular mobs.

Pokémon can have ancient or future paradox versions, and as expected, are exclusive to Scarlet (past) or Violet (future). Some of them happen to have both forms at the same time, and can be found in both games.

As you've probably heard, leaks for the game are spreading like the flu, and more details have been revealed as well as a hypothetical roster of Paradox Pokemon, but the only confirmed one is Donphan-based, revealed in the final trailer as the game. Not sure if cover legends Koraidon and Miraidon are Cyclizar's version of the paradox, as some have speculated.

In the trailer, we see ancient and future versions of Armored Pokémon, originally named Grand Tusk and Iron Treads, respectively. The official website has also been updated with information on special books with information about these Pokemon and their natural habitats. According to it, these were written a long time ago.

Each game has its own book named after it. The Book of Scarlet contains information about ancient paradox Pokémon, while the Book of Violet refers to Pokémon from the future. How can a book written so long ago so vividly detail Pokémon that don't even exist, you might ask? Well, isn't this a paradox?

Other than details and paradoxes, there are no details on these upcoming new versions of "mons", and we'll have to wait a little longer until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet officially launch on November 18th so we can officially see them.

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