Features and advantages of PVC lightbox film:

Strong color fastness: If the light cloth with poor color fastness is used, the picture will not only fade but also change color.

Excellent ink absorption function: The quality of the ink absorption function directly determines the fullness of the color of the picture and the shelf life of the color.

Excellent splicing function: Lighting cloth with poor splicing function is not safe and will affect the overall effect of the picture.

Self-cleaning appearance: Because the cloth absorbs a lot of dust and impurities, the screen becomes very dirty and affects the effect.

Through the anti-mildew treatment: the surface of the lamp cloth has begun to mold, which not only affects the effect of the picture but also affects the feelings of the audience.

PVC lightbox film is a composite reinforced plastic film with fiber cloth sandwiched between two layers of plastic film. It has the characteristics of light weight, good mechanical properties, and low cost. It replaces traditional plastic films and tarpaulins in many fields. , sheet cloth, widely used in advertising, agriculture, environmental protection, transportation, and other fields.

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