In a Private Limited Company Registration in Indiranagar the most common work to carry on a business that exists separately intending to make a profit and enjoy the benefits that were offered by it, particularly in the limited liability. It is a voluntary association of at least 2 and it is not more than two hundred members or shareholders, whose liability is limited according to the shares that were held by the company. The shares of a Private Limited Company cannot be traded on public exchanges and are not issued through an IPO; hence the shares of a Private Limited Company are kept privately. The Companies Act of 2013 has granted a lot of privileges and exemptions to private companies in order to facilitate an easy way of doing our business in India.



  1. Easy to Incorporate: The incorporation of a Private Limited Company at times used to involve a huge time and which will also cost a huge amount for a businessman. But at present, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has come out with the website from SPICE+ for Company Incorporation. The Website form provides us various registration through one application i.e., PAN Number, TAN Number, ESI Registration, EPF Registration, etc.
  2. Limited Liability: A Private limited Registration in Indiranagar provides Limited Liability to all its shareholders or the members, unlike ownership or the Partnership where the liability of its owners is not limited. In the case of Company Registration, the liability of the shareholders/ members is limited to the amount which is unpaid on the shares that had been issued to them. Their liability is limited to the extent of the value of shares taken up by them.




  1. Minimum Capital Requirement: There is no such minimum capital which is required for incorporating a Company.


  1. Separate Legal Entity: A Company is treated as an artificial person. Therefore, in the eyes of law, it has a separate legal entity that is different from the Directors or the persons acting on behalf of the Company. Being one of the major benefits of registering a private limited company as the members are not personally legally answerable for the Company’s acts.


  1. Perpetual Succession: In Private Company Registration service provider in Indiranagar as a Company, it should have a separate legal entity, thus the cessation/ death of director/ or members that do not affect the future of the Private Limited Company. Any member may come or go but the company will work on forever.


  1. Foreign Direct Investment: Every business requires funds for its survival and growth. Therefore, It is easier and simpler to take investment through a Private Limited Company.


  1. Ease of Decision: As the control of the business remains in the hands of the proprietors of the Company. Hence, the decision can be taken and executed very fast.


  1. Power to sue and be sued: Being a separate legal entity, a private limited company can file a suit against the third party in its own name and the third party may also file suit against it.




  1. Transfer of shares: The shares of a private limited company are free transferable subject to a condition as may be forced by the board of directors. Hence it becomes easy and quick to control the transfer or the dilution of interest and to avoid outside utterance in holding of shares.


Which documents are required for company registration?

ID Proof ( PAN Card of both the directors)

Address Proof 1( Adhaar/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License of both the directors)

Address Proof 2 ( Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Bank Statement of both the directors)

Photograph of both the directors

Electricity Bill and Rent Agreement of premises to be kept as the registered office address


How to Apply for PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Services in Indiranagar?


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