Gun crates are one way that Free Fire players can get interesting skins for their guns. When put on a weapon, these skins improve its stats, making it even more desirable. But the crates cost diamonds, and users don't always have the option to buy them.

Loot crates are sometimes a reward for redeeming a code. Players will receive a reward at random when they open it. These codes have 12 or 16 letters and numbers, but no other symbols. These also have restrictions on certain servers and don't work everywhere.

Free Fire redeem code for 2023

Redeem code: XNEN7VH93Q2E

M1014 Underground Howl Loot Crate is what you get.

The code above is for people who play on the European server. Due to server limitations, anyone attempting to use it on another server will encounter an error during the redemption process.

The code has been tested and is working right now, so you should use it right away. Users can open the loot crate once it is delivered to their account. It can give the player either a trial card or a permanent skin, depending on how lucky they are.

How to get to the Rewards Redemption Site and claim your rewards

It is not hard at all to use a Free Fire redeem code. But if players are still not sure how to do it, they can follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Players can go to the official Rewards Redemption Site once they have linked their account through the "General" section of the "Settings" tab in Free Fire.

Step 2: After going to the given webpage, users will have to log in to their account before they can claim the code. They have the choice between Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple, and Huawei ID.

Step 3: Once a player has logged in successfully, they can copy and paste the redeem code. After that, they will need to click the "Confirm" button, and the code will be successfully redeemed.

The users will then see a message that tells them about the rewards. They can close it by clicking the "OK" button.

Step 4: Items are usually sent to the player's account within 24 hours and can be claimed through the in-game mail.

Once players have the crate, they can use the vault to open it.