A transformer is a device used to transfer electricity between two parts of an electrical circuit, creating isolation while changing current and voltage. Transformers are an integral part of most electrical systems. Power transformers are especially used when efficient power transmission is required. Depending on the application, the equipment may operate continuously or discontinuously at full load capacity. Like all transformers, power transformers are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Two magnetically coupled coils form the primary and secondary windings.

  A toroidal transformer is a power transformer with a toroidal core on which primary and secondary coils are wound. When current flows through the primary, it induces an electromotive force (EMF), which then creates a current in the secondary winding, which transfers electrical energy from the primary to the secondary. The unique shape of the toroidal transformer allows the use of shorter coils, reducing resistive or winding losses and increasing overall efficiency.

  The compact size of toroidal transformers makes them ideal for applications in electronic circuits, so these transformers are often found in computers, inverters, and many similar devices. Ring models also have lower hum than traditional options, making them ideal for amplifier, TV, and audio system applications.

  Toroidal power transformers are especially suitable for critical equipment and equipment in the medical industry, as excellent efficiency is important for medical systems that require low leakage current, noise-free and reliable operation. Because these transformers are lightweight and compact, they can be easily integrated into medical instrumentation, where space and weight constraints are key design considerations.

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