Plastic storage boxes are very durable and they are known to withstand extreme external conditions as well as normal indoor conditions very well. Some refrigerator storage boxes and dumpling boxes are often made of this material, and they are particularly strong and made of solid polyethylene. They also repel chemicals and moisture.

The plastic storage box is very lightweight. They are known to be much lighter than wooden crates, making them easier to handle and transport without having to unload the contents first. There are even styles with wheels for added portability to the case.

Plastic storage boxes help organize things because they allow you to easily see what's inside, reducing the need for labeling. You can even make them color so if you want you can do some color coding and store similar items based on the color code.

Plastic storage boxes are great for food storage and hygiene, especially if they have safety lids that help keep food fresh, pest-free, and spill-free.

Plastic storage boxes are less expensive and more versatile than many other storage materials such as those made of wood, glass, and metal. Since they are easy to mass produce, they are cheaper in the market, so the cost is related to other characteristics such as box size, weight, height, plastic type, and characteristics.

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