No matter which college you get into, one thing is common everywhere- Stress. Some of you may opt for assignment help uk to deal with the stress. But that’s not the only way. College stress arises due to a wide slew of factors such as insurmountable academic pressure, tight deadlines, complicated research topic, part-time jobs, exorbitant tuition fees, etc. You can also read the following short books to reduce your stress levels.

1. Taming your Gremlin

Stress depends on how you interpret the events that take place in your life. You feel stressed when you believe your interpretations represent reality. You can read this book in about two hours. It shows how easy it is to avoid the part of the brain that tends to interpret things. It considers the gremlin as the narrator in your head. How often have you messaged your friends “I can’t write my assignment” even before you have actually written it? That is something you can ignore after reading this book.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff

The author of this book is Richard Carlson. Instead of creating an ability to avoid the inner voice, this book focuses on providing a less stressful perspective of the events in your life. It shows how things may not be as complicated as they seem to be. It’s a perfect option for anybody willing to get a stress-relieving boost. The story encourages young readers to replace the old habits of reaction with fresh habits of perspective. Instead of worrying about your assignments, you would know you need to opt for a law assignment help to ensure that your paper is error-free.

3. Tao Te Ching

With this book, Lao Tzu intends to convey the basic stress-relieving knowledge as written in the classic Holy Books such as the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. The books mentioned in the latter are lengthy and complicated. But, Lao Tzu makes the lessons quite simple for us to understand. This book shows how the stress that we feel is the things that we do finance assignment help and hence can be avoided only if we want. It takes about an hour to complete this book.

Get hold of these three amazing books to learn how to deal with stress during and even after your college life. The books are short. So, you needn’t have to compromise your academics to complete these books.