For the Company registration in Indiranagar It is a difficult and tiring effect and as well as it is a time-consuming process that creates a new business start-up in Indiranagar, but if you try to learn from your manager succeed with no time.


To make sure your business goals, financing, and set up, you need a business start-up plan. It becomes much easier to start once you know on which path you are going. Entrepreneurs who are also looking to open their business must first obtain an approved license to run it. In this article, we will be sharing details on the process for the registration in India of online enterprises.


It can be done in both ways in India for online companies, either as a privatized company or as a public company. You will need to have a clear awareness of the Companies Act, 2013, to register your online company in Indiranagar. Under this Act, any organization that wants to be register as a company must apply this Act.



Company Registration consultants in Indiranagar involves the following major steps:


Acquiring Director Identification Certificate

Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate

Application for company name

Company registration form and MoA and AoA submission

Incorporation of the company

Acquiring Director Identification Certificate (DIN)


This will be the first stage in which a DIN needs to be obtained by each and every director from all the departments and any planned director. A verification document copy of the PAN of the Directors and address proof is necessary for the documents.


Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


A digital signature should be submitted digitally, in compliance with the Information Act 2000. This shows the protection and approval of the submitted documents. Only a single manager must have a Class-2 digital signature which is a credential (w.e.f. 01st January 2021 Class-2 digital signatures that have been replaced by Class-3 digital signature), which must be obtained from the organizations that has appointed by the certification controller or the CCA.


Application for the company name


Company Registration Services in Indiranagar It is not that easy to pick a business name, and it is also recommended that there are four other names are ready. In a company search database, the shortlisted ones must be reviewed to make sure that nobody else has taken them. After the name is approved, an application must be filed with RoC on Part-A of Spice Plus. The authorities will give an official confirmation or rejection of the word and the same will also be preserved for future reference.


Company registration form and MoA and AoA submission


When the name is approved, the MoA and AoA must be accepted by sending the mandatory papers.


Incorporation of the company


The final step is to will be to obtaining a certificate of company incorporation that finalizes for the company registration process.


Documents Required for Company Registration

Entrepreneurs who are making for a business want to know the list of documentation or which is mandatory for the process. In this article, we provide an explanation of the documents that are required to register a company.


Directors: Indian Nationals

The following documents THAT are mandatory for Indian Nationals for incorporation of a company in India:


PAN Card: For Company Registration, a copy of the proposed Directors of the Company PAN Card that will be needed. A unique identification number is provided by the Indian Department of Income Tax is a PAN or Permanent Account Number. During the incorporation process, it is mandatory for directors who are Indian nationals to send a PAN.


Address Proof: In addition to a copy of the PAN, the proposed Director must give proof of address. The address proof submitted must be written, as shown in the PAN Slip, the Director’s name and the most recent address of the Director. Furthermore, the document must not be more than couple of months old, either. For Indian Nationals, the following documents are appropriate to address proof .



Election Card or Voter Identity Card

Ration Card

Driving License

Electricity Bill

Telephone Bill

Aadhaar Card

Residential Proof: Residential proof must also be provided during the company’s incorporation to verify the Director’s current address. The residential proof shall also contain the Director’s name, as specified in the PAN Card, and shall not be older than couple of  months. The documents below are appropriate residential proof:


Electricity Bill

Telephone Bill

Bank Statement

Mobile Bill



How to Apply for COMPANY REGISTRATION in Indiranagar?


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