You should be aware of the responsibilities and job descriptions in Australia if you choose to immigrate there as an ICT Security 262112. So, with a strong desire to assist you, we wrote this blog.

Here, we'll go over the duties, responsibilities, and English language standards you must meet in order to immigrate to Australia as a professional. It will be easier for you to write a strong experience reference letter if you are aware of all the obligations you must fulfil. In this way, you can improve the standard of your experience reference letter for the ACS skill assessment.

So that you can better understand, read the blog in its entirety.

ICT Security 262112 Job Description: To ensure that preventive and recovery measures are in place, you must manage and oversee an organization's IT security policy and processes as an ICT Security expert. In addition, you must reduce the danger from both internal and external security threats.

To prevent unwanted access and the protection of computer systems, security measures must be coordinated and put into place. You will be in charge of safeguarding the data of a business, therefore this function is crucial.

Tasks under ICT Security 262112:

You will be required to: in Australia.

1. To ensure that all data master files are accurate and comprehensive, design and manage the database architecture, data structures, dictionaries, tables, and name standards.

2. Establish operational backups and perform routine maintenance on them while ensuring integrity, security, and recovery protocols.

3. Manage and put into effect database documentation, rules, instructions, and policies.

4. As per authorised quality testing scripts, methods, and procedures, test database systems and updates by debugging, reproducing, tracking, logging, and sorting out all found errors.

5. Assume accountability for the operational management, processes, and system security related to disaster recovery planning.

6. Coordinate with vendors, service providers, security vendors, and outside resources; recommend, assess, install, and manage software security apps; and keep an eye on performance delivery, contractual requirements, and service level agreements.

7. Troubleshoot and provide service support for identifying, fixing, and repairing server-related hardware and software issues, including workstations, network infrastructure, and servers.

8. Create and maintain documentation, guidelines, and policies. You should also document operational processes and system logs in great detail.

9. Check that the design of computer sites enables all components to fit together and function properly. Also, monitor and modify network performance.

10. Constantly assess the current computer site to identify future network needs and suggest enhancements for the deployment of servers and networks.

Required English proficiency:

You must meet the following requirements for English competency to receive a positive RPL ACS skill assessment:

1. An IELTS score of at least 6 (L, R, and W), 7 in speaking, and 7 overall

2. An OET score of at least a B in each section

3. A minimum TOEFL iBT score of (L:12, R: 13, W: 21 and S:23 overall L93)

4. A minimum PTE academic score of 50 (L, R, W) 65 overall and 65 in speaking

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