Hulu provides tons of Live TV shows by streaming online content on its supported apps. It works just like YouTube TV or Sling TV. You can take its subscription starting from $65/month. Once you have successfully subscribed to Hulu streaming service for TV shows and movies, you can easily access more than 65 cable and broadcasting channels consisting of free channels like live sports and on-demand content.

Hulu is a popular and renowned streaming platform that offers live TV content for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone etc. In case you like to access Live TV, you need to add them to your Hulu subscription by signing up and creating a Hulu account. It offers many pocket-friendly subscription plans with several free channels and TV shows. Select your subscription as per your need.

Here are the steps to sign up for Hulu with Live TV on your iPhone:

Benefits of Hulu Subscription

Once you have taken a Hulu subscription for your device, you will get tons of features and live streaming channels & shows. Apart from this, it also comes with fifty hours of Cloud DVR storage that enables the user to record their Live TV and save it for later. It will be stored in the My Stuff section. If you have spent $10 more on your basic subscription plan, you will get fast browsing and streaming experience with 200 hrs of Cloud DVR storage.

Hulu content with Live TV can be easily streamed using any of the supported platforms, including the best Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, iPhone, Windows device, Android, Roku, etc.

Signing Up for Hulu

There is no option to create a Hulu account with a Live TV add-on from the Hulu app. In case you like to do the same, you need to visit the official site using your smartphone or computer. Here are the instructions:

  • First of all, visit using any reliable web-browser on your device.
  • Then, sign in to your account using Hulu Emai ID and a secure password.
  • After that, scroll down the page and then select the Manage Plan option located just after the existing plan. It will be situated under the My Subscription section.
  • Now, scroll and locate “Hulu + Live TV” there. Then switch it on. You can choose Hulu (No Ads) with Live TV if you like to buy a big subscription plan. Here, you will get the add-free Hulu experience.
  • Select premium add-on option from the Add-ons section, if needed. You can select your choice from the available options like Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime, HBO MAX, etc.
  • Scroll down and then choose “Enhanced Cloud DVR+Unlimited Screens Bundle, if applicable.
  • Now, scroll down the page and then choose either Unlimited Screens or Enhanced Cloud DVR, if applicable.
  • Then, go to the bottom section and choose the Espanol Add-On and Entertainment Add-On, if relevant.
  • After that, you need to select the “Review Changes” option.
  • Type your area ZIP code to detect your location.
  • Then, mark the box related to enabling Hulu for creating temporary recordings. It is required to use Live TV, even if you never wish to record anything.
  • Scroll down the page and then hit the Submit button to verify your changes.

Sign Out and Sign In to See the Updates

In case you have already logged in to the Hulu account on your Apple TV or Hulu + Live TV on your smartphone or iPad, you need to log out from the account and login back to view the relevant changes that took place with Hulu.

Once you have successfully signed-in to the account back, check the Live TV options by navigating the Networks tab using the Browser section. Go to the My Channels and Lineup section and then see when a particular TV Show or movie is live by checking their descriptions.

As that you know how to sign up for Hulu with Live TV, get signed in and check the channels list, and view any of your TV shows and movies right using any of the supportive platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, etc.

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