Watt could return this week The Mut 23 coins report suggests that J.J. Watt might play this week after all. But how much (or would) Watt play on Sunday?Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan are putting too much effort into it and it's totally not cool

CHIP'S TRYING TOO HARD: Madden NFL 23 owners consider former coach Chip Kelly is begging for an interview. It's not a flattering manner to describe the former Eagles coach's efforts to remain in Madden NFL 23. It sounds like Mike Shanahan is begging for another job and you're not hearing the old guard arguing against a player who hasn't won a playoff game since 1998.

The Colts will remain at the school: Chuck Pagano, Colts have agreed to a 4-year extension. Another surprising development, director Ryan Grigson reportedly isn't going anywhere also. Jim Irsay also said that Ryan Grigson has "outdone" Bill Polian, which, is ...

Changes to the Chargers' coaching staff: Chargers keep Mike McCoy as their head coach despite his poorest season to date. Even though the team finished 4-12. the Chargers will give Mike McCoy another opportunity in 2016. However, they fired offensive coordinator Frank Reich. The Chargers also dismissed five coaches along with Reich. And the reason for the changes doesn't add up.

COUGHLIN out: Tom Coughlin steps down as the Giants the head of their coaching. Coughlin's time is done with Giants. Giants after 12 seasons and two Super Bowl wins. Watch him say goodbye.

Lean In Lean into it: Allow PFT Commenter to explain to you how Madden NFL 23 coaching searches really work.TITANS GM HUNT: Titans are searching for the next GM after the team sacked Ruston Webster. Webster will not return for a fifth time as general manager of the Titans.

MIAMI REQUIRES A GM Dolphins announce the promotion of  buy madden 23 coins Chris Grier to general manager. The Dolphins had a break with Hickey after only two years on the job, and promoted Grier through the ranks.