The management of projects has become an the most important aspect of every company these days.


In reality 83% of top executives and directors think the importance of managing projects is a key aspect of their work as outlined by PMI analysis.


In the midst of a busy schedule managing tasks and the demands of a large team can be too much for project managers.


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To handle this task better, managers will require powerful project management software that is feature-rich to manage the task.


It isn't easy to pick the right tool to meet your needs since there are a lot of alternatives available on the market.


1. Task Management


Task management is an important element of any workplace that is professional. Since the beginning of time technology has replaced handwritten writing pad with projects as well as task-management tools, as well as collaboration software, which help us make it easier to get through the day.


A typical or even complicated project is made up of many tasks and sub-tasksthat may have many dependencies.


If the tasks depend on each other It is crucial that the project manager effectively manage them, or else the project could be in risk.


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2. Time Tracking


Similar to managing tasks as well as time tracking, this feature is equally important for efficient project management. Particularly when teams are working on projects that have a tight deadlines and budgets


The project manager can be sure of the quality of the work completed when compared to the volume of work completed.


In addition efficient time management can help you plan tasks that will be completed in less time in order to make the most of your limited time.


In general, it aids in budgeting projects by forecasting the required project duration.


3. Resource Management


Every project manager needs to examine the team members. If you manage your team members correctly, you can avoid the overuse of resources, burnout among employees and stress and anxiety that is not needed.


Be sure to have a solid task breakdown plan that your team comprehends and can work with. Make sure that the primary components of tasks are clearly established.


4. User Role Management


A project could be a driver for crucial business or project-related strategies, like new products, financial data and customer data, for example.


Every user of an initiative does not have to be able to access this data.


Access and user role management control help to block the access of unauthorized users to sensitive project information.


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5. Kanban Board


Kanban is among the most popular methods for managing projects that is agile. It works for nearly every goal and team. It assists you to manage the flow of tasks while your team members work together to achieve shared goals.


Applying this method to managing projects the workflow is made clear and visible.


6. Report & Analysis


Project Reports are part of the documentation of your project and permit you to keep track of the performance of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and overall health of your project.


The progress is measured through reports which means that instead of going blindly trying to hope to be successful, you've got the foundation you need to make informed choices.


It also lets you justify any changes to the plan.


Get the data of the previous weeks ' users who logged in with no. of task completed No. of task changed, no. task completed, number of hours and the storage utilized


Create custom status reports for your project.


Each task's status is a separate one with each day's work established and updated count


Projects previously accessed or enrolled with their present status


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7. Third-Party Integration


Every business should be aware of the needs of the market quickly.


The integration provides an ecosystem that lets you add or access the third-party software to manage your business's workflow. However your company may require months or even years to create similar tools for your system.


Professionally developed tools have been tested in this process of refinement.