With popular sneakers such as Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS Court Purple and Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0, the remarkable color scheme of MJ's first signature sneaker has been relaunched or remixed in 2021. The award is inspired by the Jordanian brand, citing the metallic purple of 1985. This new plan was first announced in June 2020 and is very close to the above two plans. The white leather upper contrasts sharply with the iconic metallic purple of the neckline, the Swoosh and the iconic elements of the tongue and ankle. The matching purple sole adds an extra touch of color to the design. The biggest difference is the lining of the socks, using satin instead of standard fabrics. The result is a new update of the classic, large-size products suitable for women and children.
Although Air Jordan 7 has not attracted people's attention, May may become a turning point for this model. In addition to the cooperation with PSG, next month will also see the return of Air Jordan 7 Flint, which is the official unveiling of the Jordan brand for its 2021 summer retro series. This is the first revival of the model since its debut in 2006, bringing Flint/Grey back to its former glory.
2020 Cheap Jordans, As announced last summer, the AJ 7 is made of quarter gray nubuck leather with a white leather finish. The tongue has a silver triangle pattern, reflecting the geometric beauty of the overall design. The Jumpman logo on the ankle and sole and other iconic elements bring the feel of Court Court Purple to this game. The nostalgic element is completed by the gray sole with studs, and the eye-catching black and white shoes black.