Esports betting is one of the main trends in the betting industry. Companies pay great attention to the development of this popular trend.

Beginners are advised to start betting on esports carefully using the best esports betting strategies for a profitable game. Let's look at two profitable options.

What are they betting on in esports?

The main legal bookmakers accept bets on three or four sports disciplines. Specialized bookmakers allow you to bet on almost all possible virtual battles. Let's focus on the most popular options.

Almost always in the line of the bookmaker you can find bets on CS:GO. This is a team shooter in which opponents play 5v5. There are a lot of professional tournaments. Accordingly, there is no shortage of quality lines. You can play both in pre-match and LIVE mode, increasing your profit.

The second main discipline is DOTA 2. A more difficult game to understand. There are also two teams fighting here. The stakes are in many ways similar to CS:GO, but there is more room for maneuver due to the complicated mechanics of the game itself. The main task in DOTA 2 is to destroy the throne owned by the opponent.

Strategy for total in CS:GO

In standard CS:GO competitions, opponents play three maps to win in round 21. The starting card is chosen by the team that is lower in the rating. This is the most important factor that provokes total over. One of the best esports betting strategies is to figure out matches that fit the first round riding scenario.

According to publicly available statistics, the first rounds in CS:GO are often the most productive. There are several reasons for this:

- The outsider chooses a map that is well prepared.

- A strong team takes many rounds at the expense of the general class.

- At the start of the game, the opponents have more strength for a quality game.

- The favorite often relaxes, allowing the underdog to break through the handicap.

For beginners, it is logical to analyze matches from the point of view of playing for total over in the first round. If something goes wrong, you can always try to play it safe in LIVE.

Dota 2 comeback strategy
The game itself is very different in its scenario from other esports disciplines. In Dota 2, so-called strong-willed wins are very common. For example, the earlier advantage of one of the teams in gold does not guarantee success in the long run.

Often, strong teams formally lag behind at the start, the odds for them increase, although their chances of winning actually do not become lower. This is understood by experienced cappers who are waiting for a high coefficient in Live. The disadvantage of the strategy is that it can only be used in real time, and not before the match.

The key point in one of the best esports betting strategies is that the gold advantage in the first minutes is not decisive in terms of the final victory. If you know that the favorite is using a waiting tactic and will soon turn the tide of the game, then feel free to use bets at high odds. To make a profit at a distance, it is necessary to bet only on quotes in the line above 2.00.

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