If your product needs protection from environmental elements such as damage or dust, then I think you need a Plastic Crate to help you.

  Folding crates are ideal for repeated use in both private and professional settings. They can withstand shocks and fold very compactly, making them ideal for storage at home or for return transport where space is limited. Folding is a matter of seconds; it simply folds away by pressing a lock on the short wall.

  Farm crates are always perforated so that sand can be shaken out and water can flow through. Ideal for the agricultural and horticultural sectors, where drainage during the planting phase and weight reduction during transport is very important determining factors. Agricultural crates are often made from virgin HDPE, also known as virgin HDPE. The plastic is food safe and easy to clean after use. That's why these crates are marked "for the food industry" on our website. They come in various standardized sizes.

  The right lid can greatly improve the convenience and efficiency of plastic boxes or pallet boxes during transportation or storage. That's why our range also offers the same size plastic lids for every standard-size plastic container. Depending on the type of container, there may even be lids with hinges so they "snap" onto the container, unlike flat lids. So they won't get blown away when used outdoors or accidentally slip off when handling containers. Dust, rain, and other unwanted pollution are neatly kept out of the box!

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