Before turning on the Hot Air Stenter , the staff should not forget to check to ensure that it can be used normally. Then set the temperature according to the process requirements, and then turn on the circulating fan. When the vehicle speed reaches 15m / min during the temperature rising phase, and the cloth can be put on after the predetermined temperature has been reached.

When putting on the cloth, it should be noted that the two ends should be as smooth as possible. When starting the main unit of the tenter setting machine, the bell operator should be notified by a bell, and then the cloth should be worn at a fast speed and the fabric should be tightened when it reaches the back of the car. The staff at the back should be ready to cooperate. Keep in mind that the location of the machine in and out of the cloth should ensure that its safety cover is intact and normal to avoid accidents.

In the course of operation, if any problems are found, the equipment should be shut down in time without negligence. In addition, grey fabric must be sewn, and no knots are allowed, so as not to damage the rubber roller and cause a safety accident. When the operation is completed, the tentering machine equipment should be shut down according to the requirements. Before the shutdown, the cooling requirements should be notified to the hot-load heat-conducting oil furnace. Stop the circulating fan first and open the door to cool down. When its temperature drops to 80 ℃, it can stop.

In the daily operation process, staff need to maintain good working habits, especially to regularly check the heat-conducting oil pipeline in the oven, if there is oil leakage, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. In addition, you should also do a good job of cleaning and care of hot air stenter, and keep it in a normal operating state.

It should be noted that cleaning or adding lubricant should only be performed after the equipment has stopped operating. When the hot air stenter is in the running state, it is not allowed to carry out operations such as chain, needle plate, rubbing roller, etc., so as to avoid accidents.

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