Making a list of the hotel kitchen equipment your restaurant kitchen needs to meet its requirements is an essential step. The equipment in a restaurant makes it possible for your staff to prepare, cook, bake, wash, and generally carry out the culinary components of the restaurant every day.

The main categories of hotel kitchen equipment required to operate a commercial kitchen are included in this list:

1. Ovens

When you consider the culinary equipment used in restaurants, ovens are generally the first item that comes to mind. Commercial ovens, on the other hand, are made with higher power outputs and larger capacities for cooking continuously throughout the day.

2. Ranges and ventilation

Ranges are effective hotel kitchen equipment for restaurants, offering the ability to cook a range of foods using either gas or electric heat. They are used by cooks to preheat meals in pans and skillets, boil water, or simmer sauces.

3. Food processors

In busy restaurant kitchens, food processors are a need since they make slicing, dicing, blending, blitzing, and pureeing a variety of foods simple. Making dressings, dips, sauces, or simply slicing vegetables is easy with a food processor. You can get the best quality food processors from the best kitchen equipment supplier in Myanmar “Myanmar Golden Heart”.

4. Mixers

A commercial mixer will likely be required in restaurant kitchens that provide baked goods like breads, cakes, or pizzas. Commercial mixers are made to handle heavier loads of ingredients and more regular use.

5. Slicers

Commercial slicers handle the bulk of the labor and can significantly save prep time for personnel, particularly in kitchens that produce a lot of charcuterie platters or deli sandwiches. The main pieces of hotel kitchen equipment for deli counters in grocery stores or specialty meat and cheese shops are also food slicers.

6. Food preparation counters and cutting boards

Any commercial kitchen needs prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces, which come in a variety of sizes. Select stainless steel for your prep surfaces because it resists corrosion, won’t absorb bacteria from food or meat juices, and can tolerate the abrasive cleaning agents used in commercial kitchens.

7. Freezers and refrigerators

A refrigeration system of some kind is necessary in every commercial kitchen. You can’t keep ingredients and prepared foods fresh without a refrigerator. Additionally essential for inventory control are freezers.

8. Safety equipment

Make sure the appropriate safety equipment is in your kitchen. In a job where fire and knives rule, having an adequately filled first aid bag or medical emergency pack is essential. Fire extinguishers and domed safety mirrors that alert people when someone is approaching a corner are other items you’ll need. Before acquiring any fire, safety, or sanitary equipment, check your local fire department’s policies.

9. Storage racks and shelving

A fantastic way to store various kitchen gadgets as well as perishable and nonperishable items is with a properly fitted shelf. Your operation will run more smoothly if your storage system is organized. Keep the cooking utensils that are used the most easily accessible, and place the utensils that are used less frequently on the top and bottom shelves.

10. Restaurant cooking tools

Think about the supplies you’ll require from the restaurant to serve the complete menu in a single shift. The list goes on and varies greatly depending on the type of food you wish to prepare: pots of all sizes, sauté pans, tasting spoons, mixing spoons, sheet pans, whisks, fish spatulas, ladles, bowls of all sizes, squeeze bottles, bench scrapers, etc. More of each item will also be required than you anticipate.

11. Servingware

There cannot be a restaurant if there is nothing on which to serve the food. Lots of plates, bowls, ramekins, cups, and glasses are required. When determining how much to purchase, consider the number of tables your restaurant can accommodate and the number of customers you want to serve each night.

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