Our pets often bathe in our love, and sometimes we don't even notice that we have spoiled our four-legged friend, and he becomes too picky about food. You feed your dog the most expensive and nutritious food, but he only sniffs it and turns his nose away. You pour food into the pet again, and he licks and leaves. Most likely, your friend is very bitter about food, and something needs to be done about it!

Many owners believe that dogs, like humans, need variety in their food. However, this is far from the case because your friend can eat the same food all his life, but on the condition that it contains all the necessary substances and vitamins for his health and it is tasty for him.

It is important to remember that in nature, wolves, from which dogs are descended, are not too picky about food, which is also characteristic of dogs. The problem of the pickiness of the animal lies in the wrong behavior of the owner. We often give the dog food from the table we eat or spoil it with treats. This causes the dog to overeat. She learns to refuse the food given to her, hoping she will be pampered with something tastier. That is why the owners should refrain from feeding the animal from the table and not indulge in goodies. It also often happens that at a young age, the owners offer the dog several foods to choose what she likes best. After the dog's preferences are determined, she understands that if she refuses one food, she will be offered another tastier one. And if you immediately open several bags or jars of food during feeding, forcing the animal to eat at least something, then be sure that the dog will not let you down, and now she is training you.

You can fix this behavior. It is important to make it clear to the dog that he does not have a choice of food and will have to eat what is given. To do this, you need to buy petfood https://korme.lt/, leave it in the bowl for half an hour, and if the animal does not touch it, remove it. When you need to feed the animal again, repeat the procedure. After a few days, the animal will ask for treats, but the main thing here is to keep going, stick to the chosen line of behavior, and give food at a strictly limited time. The thing is that the animal is not hungry. If the dog wants to eat, he will eat what is in the bowl, after which he will learn to eat what is given at a certain time. The diet is very good for the animal's health, and you will do him a great favor not by treating him with a treat but by following the regime. The animal will whine and cry and will look with pitiful eyes. The main thing, in this case, is not to succumb to this "game." But gradually, such measures will bear fruit. You must do it slowly if you plan to change your dog's diet. First of all, you should start by mixing the usual food and the new one. And gradually increase the percentage of fresh food until it completely replaces the old one. So the animal will not experience stress and will not go on strike against you. When transitioning a dog from wet food to dry food, adding some water to the new food is important. And after the dog has eaten, it is better to remove such moistened food immediately, as it can deteriorate.

If the dog did not go over in food before but suddenly began to refuse to eat, this may indicate that she was sick. It is necessary to monitor her health and take her to the veterinarian if the animal does not get better after a couple of days.