Over the years, Garena has added a tonne of cosmetic goods to Free Fire, and players may get them through a variety of channels, such as events, Luck Royale, and more. Premium ones, on the other hand, frequently cost diamonds, the in-game cash.

Not every Free Fire player has the money to buy diamonds to have particular cosmetics. People typically adopt alternative methods as a result, with redeem codes emerging as one of the most successful.

Typically, these codes are released by the game's creators on social media or during livestreams, and they are only valid for a short time.

Free Fire redemption codes for crates and skins (23 April)
Users of Free Fire can use the following codes to obtain rewards like skins and crates:


  • X99TK56X
  • H294KV5FF9M
  • 2GF14CBFFF
  • 9MJ31CXKRG
  • FF10617KGUF9


  • N5YS3EFF1164X
  • NPP956MSJX8
  • VM25B95W4GPF

Note: Due to server restrictions or expiration, the above-mentioned redeem codes might not be valid.

instructions for utilising the official Rewards Redemption Site's Free Fire redem code

Making use of the redemption codes is easy. The following is a quick process that users can follow to get unrestricted prizes in their accounts:

Step 1: They must first go to the Rewards Redemption Site, which is the official website for using redemption codes. They can go there by clicking this.

Step 2: Once at the relevant website, players will be given six options for logging in. The one that is connected to their in-game account must be chosen.

Step 3: People can now manually type the provided redeem code into the text box. To prevent mistakes when inputting the code, it is advised that they paste it.

Step 4: Finally, players can click the "Confirm" button to finish redeeming their redeem codes. Within 24 hours, the incentives will be delivered to their accounts.

Finally, users will be able to use the in-game mail to redeem their goodies from the redemption code.

Disclaimer: Indian gamers are advised not to play the battle royale game Garena Free Fire because it is illegal in their country. They can, however, play the MAX version because it wasn't prohibited.