brain fog post covid is one of the sequelae of patients with COVID-19. The main symptoms are inability to concentrate, memory loss, weakened thinking response ability, degraded ability to deal with problems, and easy fatigue. It is even accompanied by sleep disorders and psychological problems. So how to prevent and improve brain fog?

First of all, those who have recovered from COVID-19 should relax as much as possible. Whether they are working or studying, they should do what they can. When they feel tired, they should stop what they are doing, close their eyes and rest their minds, take a short rest, or go out of the door and take a walk in a nearby park to relax and strengthen exercise. Also avoid stimulants such as smoking and alcohol.

If the memory is impaired, you can use paper and pen or electronic products to record the matters that need to be dealt with, and set a reminder function. If you feel grumpy or depressed, listen to light music. It is not suitable to make any decisions when emotionally unstable. When the thinking reaction slows down, do things more calmly, don't worry, seek help from colleagues or classmates when necessary.

How To Get Rid Of Long Covid-19 Brain Fog? A large number of studies have confirmed that even after the symptoms of the initial infection have completely disappeared, human infection with the new coronavirus will have long-lasting side effects, which we call Long COVID-19. 19 symptoms. These coronavirus sequelae are mainly brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath, chronic pain, loss of smell, loss of taste, early symptoms of Parkinson's disease, early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and diarrhea. These Long COVID-19 symptoms can have permanent side effects on the body.

Long COVID-19 symptoms are mainly caused by the damage and inflammation of the body's own immune system after COVID-19 infection. Studies have also shown that for a small number of COVID-19 patients, due to the Long latency of a small amount of coronavirus in the body, this residual small amount of live virus will continuously invade human cells and repeatedly activate the immune system, leading to a Long inflammatory response. This Long effect is not only manifested in the lungs, but also concentrated in the heart, kidneys and brain.

If you have sleep disorders, you can drink some tea to help sleep. For example, take 10 grams of lily, 10 grams of lily, 10 grams of jasmine, 10 grams of rose, 10 grams of hawthorn, 8 grams of mint, and drink sencha instead of water. If you have mental problems, you should seek medical treatment in time and seek professional doctor guidance for treatment.

LongCovidCareCenter also recommends some traditional Chinese medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine formula and acupuncture treatment, to treat dizziness symptoms. In addition, this article also recommends that patients with long COVID-19 dizziness take health supplements, as well as exercise, diet and sleep. Finally, we hope that the post covid brain fog treatment plan proposed in this paper can benefit patients by improving their symptoms early, and even cure these dizziness symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus.