The soda machine is professional equipment for producing carbonated beverages (soda) products. It filters tap water into treated water, and then pressurizes 140-170PSI through a carbonization pump, and then generates atomization in the carbonization cylinder through a nozzle and mixes it with carbon dioxide gas. , producing carbonated water. And further cold and heat exchange with the ice water in the ice storage tank through the stainless steel coil to ensure that the carbonated water temperature is below 2 ℃, sent to the beverage tower, waiting to be mixed with the syrup to form a carbonated beverage.

How the soda machine works:

1. After the tap water is filtered by the filter, it enters the carbonized and is mixed with carbon dioxide gas to become carbonated water;

2. Carbonated water and syrup enter into the existing machine for cooling through independent pipes;

3. The cooled carbonated water and syrup are mixed in a certain proportion through the distribution valve and released to become a frozen carbonated beverage.

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