If you want to burn the scented candle beautifully, when you burn it for the first time, you must completely melt the candle on the surface to form a flat wax pool and then extinguish it (remember), so as to minimize the memory hole Appeared! Because the candle has a memory, if you don’t burn it in accordance with the above method for the first time, every time you burn it to the place where it is extinguished, the wax will remember that place and it will not burn out. Over time, it will become an ugly Hole. Therefore, as long as you burn out a complete wax pool for the first time, it will be smooth and beautiful in the future.

Don't think that the candle wick will slowly turn to gray with the fire. It is necessary to trim the candle wick every time you light a candle. A long candle wick will cause the flame to be too high and will accelerate the consumption of the candle. If the heating is uneven, it will emit black smoke and blacken the candle wall. Therefore, before lighting, trim the wick to 3 to 5 mm before lighting. Someone has to ask, why is it important to trim before rather than after? Because the candle is in a solidified state before lighting, the ash-bearing candlewick can also be cleaned when it falls into the wax pool. If it is trimmed afterward and the ash falls into the wax pool accidentally, it will be big trouble! Make up the picture for yourself!

It is recommended to trim the candle wick every 4 hours. After using the candle for 4 hours, extinguish the candle. Allow the candle to cool naturally, and then trim the wick with candlewick scissors.

Scented candles are very sensitive to light and temperature, so in order to avoid discoloration and melting of the unused candles, it is best to store them in a dark and cool place. The storage temperature should not exceed 27 degrees. And it is best to close the lid and leave your mouth open. Not only is it easy to fall off the dust, but the bigger problem is that the fragrance is easy to lose. If you don’t have a lid and don’t want to buy it separately, you can leave the packaging at the time and it’s OK!

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