Hazzikostas could be the game director of World of Warcraft. He has joined the World of Warcraft team since the expansion of the Lich King's Wrath. For more than a decade, he's got a deep knowledge of World of Warcraft projects. For WoW Classic, Hazzikostas has his personal Classic WOW Gold opinions.

He insisted that some outdated things amongst people should be retained to deliver players with original gaming experience. At the time, these products were on account of technical limitations in the team. Although the current team of developers has enough mature technology to eliminate these problems, typically, changes to those gameplay and mechanisms should have a significant affect on gameplay. For example, many classes hanging around can apply debuffs for the target, playing with WoW Classic, a maximum of 16 debuffs can be applied to some target concurrently. This means that inside a raid team of 40 people, many players cannot take pleasure in the efficiency improvements due to debuffs. Initially, this was because of memory limitations amongst people. By the way, for anybody who is interested to get cheap WOW Classic Gold, stay tuned for more in for more at ZZWOW.

Over many years, with all the continuous development of technology, the quantity of debuffs that could be sustained from the target is additionally increasing. In an update recently, developers have raised this number to 255. In other words, every person in the team can break the target with all the highest efficiency. However, the team of developers did not apply this technical improvement to WoW Classic, not because they wouldn't want to do better, but to maintain the game within the most original state and make sure the continuation of class balance and gameplay.

Even loyal fans of WoW Classic should admit that playing from the most primitive World of Warcraft is usually a tedious experience. When players first enter the overall game, good memories is likely to make them pleased to accept everything amongst gamers. But after 5 minutes, an absolutely different gaming experience from modern WoW will let these nostalgic players leave laptop keyboards. Although WoW Classic is essentially no different from the vanilla World of Warcraft 10 years ago, the comparison is obviously frustrating.

Hazzikostas wasn't disappointed while he had anticipated it. Only those nobody love the experience can keep it going, and some will soon disillusion and then leave. But simultaneously he also thinks that WoW Classic could have an unexpected interest players who would like to take a look.

In order to supply more convenience for players, Blizzard has never set a different subscription fee for WoW Classic, and then any player that's playing Azeroth can experience WoW Classic with virtually no obstacles. At the same time, they make sure that there are enough servers to fit a large number of players. But they understand you will find going to be some World of Warcraft Classic Gold who consider it and say, "Cool, that's a good nostalgia trip, I'm leaving." Or individuals who run away screaming in terror the other they see quest text learn to scroll one character at any given time across their screen.