While there are thousands of camping storage boxes on the market with many overlapping functions, there are six main features to choose from based on your specific needs:


Heavy-duty camping storage boxes are made from extremely durable materials, usually crush-resistant plastic or aluminum, to keep your gear safe and sound during the extremes of your outdoor adventures.

Lockable and Tamper Resistant

Some camping storage boxes offer a latch mechanism to keep the lid secure, while others offer a loop system that lets you attach a standard padlock to secure its contents. These lockable camping storage boxes are great for storing valuables or any gear you don't want kids, pets, or other critters to have easy access to while camping.

If you're planning on camping in bear country, you'll need a bear-proof camping storage box* to keep your food safe.

waterproof or weather resistant

Waterproof camping storage boxes are ideal for storing a variety of gear and equipment that may be directly or repeatedly exposed to the elements. They are especially useful if you plan to go rafting, canoeing, or kayaking with them.

Weatherproof camping storage boxes, on the other hand, can withstand being left out in the elements, but won't protect against water intrusion if completely submerged. However, if you just want to keep your camping storage box outside and exposed to light rain or snow, weather-resistant storage boxes will often prove to be a more affordable solution than the fully waterproof variety.


While collapsible camping storage boxes often sacrifice some durability, they do offer a more compact storage solution for your camping gear.

They're great for transporting gear that you'll leave outside or use most of the time at camps, such as hammocks, sleeping bags, fire pits, lanterns, camp chairs, and more because you can fold them up and tuck them in when they're empty and not in use way when needed.


Being able to safely stack camping storage containers is of great value when car camping, truck camping, or Overlanding because it allows you to make the most of the vertical space in your camper vehicle.

It also makes the process of staying organized while camping much easier because you can quickly identify and access the specific gear storage you need.


Clear camping storage boxes allow you to easily see what gear is inside without having to label or open the box. This is great for frequently used items like dry food or clothing.

The downside is that the translucent polypropylene-based plastic used in these types of camping storage boxes is prone to cracking in freezing temperatures, and they're often not as durable as heavy, non-transparent camping storage boxes.

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