How long will it take to master Java? Ten years or ten weeks just one day? Perhaps your entire life? You can find some extremely bizarre responses to this question on certain forums on the internet. Let's get it straight right from the beginning. This article "to be able to Java" does not mean that you're able to create a "Hello World Program". It's about understanding Java enough to get an initial job.


Buzz Lightyear's slogan in the title isn't at all a comedy. You can certainly continue to study Java or another language throughout your life. This is due to the fact that the language is always changing, its application is expanding as well... It's a good thing you, dear readers! There's no reason to be worrying! The learning Java task is certainly possible to finish in three to 12 months, but there are many different aspects that we'll discuss throughout this piece. In this article, we'll try to solve that question "how to master Java quickly" in addition.


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What are the best ways to find the answer?


The question "how how long will it take to master Java" is complicated. We broke it down into sub-questions that are more specific and then answer them in this article. To make it more specific we relied on interview conducted with CodeGym students, open source software and statistics from the Survey which took place towards the end of 2019. This Survey focused on Java learning processes and the search for the first job. It was taken in one of the locale CodeGym units. Participants in the survey included CodeGym students in the 30th grade and up, who've either found the first Java-related job or completed an Java Internship.


What is "To be aware of Java" refer to?


The most exact, though extremely general solution to this question is "be competent to solve the issue with Java." This type of issue might be part of the process for "passing the exam" or "getting an interview". It could also be a technical challenge or a major one, such as "to develop my own application that is good enough to be accepted into Play Market" for example, or a more modest one like "understand what you need to do to code in a way that accomplishes the job you want it to do."


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What do you want to learn Java to do?


In this article, we don't think about options such as "I study Java to have amusement" or "I intend to be able to instruct Java in the near future". This article is about the professional use of Java in IT. Today, most of the time, Java is taught to be taught through three different methods:


  • Java Developer from junior developer to Senior Developer

  • Android Developer, Indie or within a business (Junior through Senior)

  • QA Automation (with Java)*


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Java Developer


Java Developer's pool is extremely vast and the prerequisites for Java expertise are to land your first job, which could be very different. As per CodeGym Survey, there are certain individuals who were able to get the first Java Junior job knowing Java Core only , and not much more. They were able to provide them with training during their work process. But this is a rather uncommon circumstance. A individual can be a part of an internship or be an Java trainee after passing a few examinations.