Hulun Buir (Tian Zhiyun) external packaging along with brick red since the main colour, unique conventional cigarette product packaging color, with Xiangyun system mixture of invisible covering, precipitation along with thick Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online as well as extraordinary, gold ornamental frame to exhibit the brand's firm tension as well as personality.

Primary logo: while using latest laser beam positioning carving technologies, elaborately created a chilly blooming azalea, dancing within the wind, realistic, shining, featuring nobility as well as excellence.

Sub-logo: it's a Mongolian bag Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons top condition combined with Mongolian cow's mind decoration, easy and distinctive, unique with distinctive nationwide characteristics, good theme associated with grassland lifestyle.

Hulun Buir (heaven rhyme) smoke characteristics

Watering paper: gold red azure four colours mix construct, make smoke is much more unique.

Filtration system rod: the red-colored line in the center of the filtration system rod enhances the visible beauty from the cigarette look and can make the smoke more good looking and wise.

Accessories: Follow high percentage hemp pulp smoke paper, reinforce the complement between smoke paper as well Wholesale Cigarettes Store as leaf method style features, ensure the actual consistency as well as stability of tobacco smoke style, enhance the fine as well as long feeling of smoke cigarettes, ensure the entire cigarette cigarette smoking comfort, organic tobacco scent.