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Huangshan Jinwan cigarette belongs to the high-end products that is caused by Anhui Japan Tobacco Trade Co., Ltd. Cigarettes about this specification implement tobacco leaves belonging to the gold manufacturing areas on southern Anhui. That smoke is without a doubt delicate and even soft, through good fragrance quality. Xiaobian collated that relevant arrival of the right way to identify that authenticity in Huangshan golden anhui cigarette smoke. The immediately after Xiaobian may be to understand the application together.

Brand paper generating process significant difference comparison: honest small proverbial Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap box front brand "Huangshan" ideas below USA Cigarettes Store that five five-pointed starlet, the consumption of international enhanced laser generating technology, five-pointed starlet pattern sides angular, concave and even convex; Fraudulent cigarettes can be mostly imitated as a result of high-power code readers, and that five-pointed starlet pattern does not obvious moves and aspects, and you can get obvious differences considering the real generating process.