New Drop Jordans has been preparing a series inspired by vegetable dyes for the past five to six months. Before it is expected to be released on April 29, multiple pairs of shoes have just released another Nike Air Max 97, the color is "coconut milk color", and has a cork color. Similar to the previous iterations of Air Force 1 and Air Max 90, the two upcoming models mainly use light-colored bases to make their complementary details shine in the spotlight. The popular "Light Siena" and "Sesame" make their way to mix, with natural cork accents throughout the upper covering and outsole can be said to steal the show. The plant pattern on the tongue also shows this, and it also nods to the series of more than 12 pairs that have been teased in sections since November 2020.

Cheap 2020 Jordans is currently averaging a triple-double (again), he has been criticized for the Washington Wizards' record of defeat. In addition to his performance on the court, the California native continued to wear various styles of clothes for his Jordan Westbrook One Take II, the latest one tends to be conservative. Corresponding to the previous budget-friendly route iteration or its "why not?" Zer0, the upcoming pair is obsessed with tonal black arrangements. Synthetic cladding and mesh base use different textures, which brings some changes to the monochrome, but the white contrast, exposed zigzag stitching and heel pulls that replace the trapeze brand steal the spotlight. On the soles of the feet, the sole unit abandons any "yin and yang" palette, with a triple black aesthetic that is sure to match the top of any basketball-ready equipment.

Air Jordan 1 Fearless prepares for the summer, many of their flagship styles are undergoing some brighter, seasonal changes. In the case of this retro dawn, the silhouette is a color scheme that celebrates the hot sun, with Paisley accents. The hint to the sun is obvious even at the most cursory glance. Covered in suede, this pair of bright orange panels, shades matching the tongue. In contrast, the iconic waffle sole and heel label tends to be slightly brighter orange, which is more similar to the Swoosh logo, the latter's paisley logo is quite subtle compared to the previous version. The sky blue touch is then completed along the woven label and the embroidered Swoosh of the heel label, while the white round is planned along the mesh base, laces and lining.