If you are an ETH trader, probably you have heard a lot about MetaMask as it is basically designed for ETH traders and supports developers as well. 

Are you also thinking about going with MetaMask? Well! You will never be going to regret this decision. It stems from the fact that MetaMask thrives to serve top-notch services to its customers. 

Moving on! In this blog post, I will drive every possible detail briefly which you should know in order to begin the usage of the MetaMask sign in account. Firstly, we will get a quick overview of MetaMask and thenceforth we will move further by taking a thorough exploration of its setting up procedure.

Key takeaways of MetaMask

  • MetaMask is a digital crypto wallet which is specially designed to store ETH and ETH-based tokens.
  • It is available as a browser plugin and as a mobile application as well.
  • It enables transactions between ETH wallets, Dapps, and crypto exchanges.

How can you begin the usage of MetaMask?

Well! If you want to enable all the services of the MetaMask sign in account for you, there is no need to perform sign-up like other wallets. Good News, All Around!

Yes! All you have to do is directly create a wallet and begin its usage. If you don’t know how to do so, follow me further.

  1. As we know MetaMask is available as a browser plugin so first of all open your browser and install the MetaMask plugin. You can open the MetaMask app on mobile as well.
  2. Open the MetaMask and hit the “Create wallet” option.
  3. Go through the instruction available on the following page and assent to them by selecting “I Agree”.
  4. Create a new resilient password, enter it twice to confirm and safely store it somewhere.
  5. Assent to the “Term to use” and tap “Create”.
  6. Hit the grey area to unveil your wallet’s seed phrase and keep the back of it.
  7. Finally, confirm that seed phrase by selecting accurate words and now you are able to buy, send or swap tokens.

Final words!

I have presented guidance on setting up your MetaMask account to aid you in starting off your MetaMask journey. Wrapping up this read with a piece of advice, Always keep your secret phrase safe as it plays a crucial role in order to safeguard your MetaMask sign-in account and is not recoverable as well.