Search Engine Marketing is search engine Marketing which is a type of internet marketing that includes the promotion of websites primarily by paid advertising. For this, you need some keywords that will explain what your business/ product/service is all about. This is where the SEM comes into the picture.

Search Engine Marketing Keywords are the words and phrases that you use to describe your product and these keywords help in deciding where and when your advertisement should pop up and display in the search engine. In the paid ad you are paying different search engines like google to display your ad when someone searches for the relevant keyword. And these paid ads are placed above the organic ones.

There are several keywords and some of them might show better results than the others. And it is up to you to decide which key work you want to choose and what keyword is most suitable for your business. You can choose both generic and specific keywords.

Listed below are some of the best keyword search tools which you can use for Search Engine Marketing.

1. Semrush keyword magic tool

Semrush Keyword magic tool offers a worldwide database of more than 20 billion keywords. It offers a variety of features like filtering where you can group keywords by your preferred topic, search intent, SERP features, question type, and more. It also has features like keyword difficulty and competitors’ metrics. Semrush Keyword magic tool has also come up with an update through which you can keep your strategy on track.

2. Semrush keyword gap tool

The keyword gap tool is used as an SEO competitor analysis tool that offers you side by side comparison of keywords. It tells you about how many keywords you and your competitors have in common. This tool also helps you identify the keywords which you are missing out on to increase your rankings. This tool as the name suggests helps in filling the gap in your strategy. And through this tool, you can increase your competitive advantage. This tool contains paid, organic as well as product listing keywords (PLK).

3. Google Ads

As the name suggests that it’s a place through which you can advertise online. It contains a tool named keyword planner through which users can search for the keywords and they can also bid on these keywords. The keyword planner focuses more on pay-per-click (PPC) data than organic search data. It’s mostly relevant for those interested in paid advertising. The data in google ads comes from google’s own historical search data.

4. Google trends

Google Trends is a free of cost information exploration tool that can be used to investigate and examine real-time and historical research patterns. You can get to know about the trending searches across the world which are based on search queries and sampled data. It’s a tool that can help you know the current trends and it can provide you with content ideation, planning, seasonal ad campaigns, and a lot more. Google Trends utilizes essentially unfiltered tests of real Google search information. This information is anonymized, sorted, and assembled by theme, area, and time period from which you can precisely examine the data.

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