We will tell you what is the difference between CNC and NC.

NC is the meaning of numerical control. NC is the old generation of numerical control system. Electronic equipment built with circuit boards uses discrete digital information to control the operation of machinery and other devices. It can only be programmed by the operator himself, which is far behind the functions of computers. It is very large and inconvenient to develop.


Nowadays, the newer CNC machine tools are generally CNC machine tools instead of NC control. There is a corresponding CNC programming language control, but in terms of driver development, it is still NC digital control mode, and the motor operation is controlled through digital information.


CNC is computer numerical control, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system.


The control system can logically process and decode programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, so as to make the machine tool move and process parts.


The numerical control system with computer as the core is called CNC. This name is taken to distinguish the old-generation numerical control system NC.


The main difference between CNC and NC


1. Good flexibility

When operating NC machine tools and CNC machine tools, the control function of NC machine tools is mainly realized by hardware circuits. Therefore, if you want to change the processing control function of the numerical control system, you must re-establish a new circuit.


But the CNC machine tool is different, mainly through the flexibility of software writing. As long as the function of the CNC machine tool is added when writing, the subsequent operation can be realized, which has greater flexibility.


1. Strong function


When operating, CNC machine tools mainly use the high computing power of computers to complete complex and physical processing.


But in contrast, hard-wire NC machine tools can only perform simple machining. Not so many features to choose from.


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