Book reviews are common writing practices that are assigned by teachers in order to help students learn to share their thoughts and interpret different pieces of writing by another author according to their own perspective. 


A book review can surely be tricky if you are not a bookworm or are not interested in going through a number of pages to write a think piece about it instead of just leisure. You can always contact a legitimate essay writing service that can help you out in writing the book review essay. 


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Due to the extreme workload in college, there is a high possibility you and all the other students might think “can someone write my paper for cheap?” However, I believe if you go through a few simple tips and guides, you will easily be able to curate your own book review. 


Here are five easy hacks that can help you structure a good book review:


Describing the plot


The first thing to make sure of is that you include a fine share of the plot in the review. The reader would not only want your overall opinion but also why you liked it and how the story goes along. While describing the plot, try to be brief enough to not give out the whole story, but also comprehensive enough so that the readers would know what they can expect from the book.


Present a clear opinion


The review is all about what you think about the book. Without presenting your opinion, the review would be as good as a short summary, which the reader can probably find at the back of the book. You need to make sure you clearly state whether or not you liked the book and what your overall impression of the book was. 


Use a rating system


 Using a rating system such as 0-5 stars can be an easier way to show the readers whether or not the book is worth their time. However, once you provide a rating for the book, make sure to state your reasons as to why the book deserves anyone’s time and attention. 


Another important thing is to avoid any sort of plagiarism. No need to write the exact lines from the book unless quoted and in no way present someone else’s opinion regarding the book as your own. If you are unsure if there will be any plagiarism in your work, you can always use plagiarism checked or contact an essay service to write my essay no plagiarism.


Include both praise and critique


A good review is always one that provides both the pros and cons regarding something. To write an effective review, it is better to include the positives about the book as well as the things you found questionable. This will help the readers get a clear sense of how you felt about the book. 


Avoid spoilers


One important thing about the review is to make sure you don’t give out any significant bits regarding the story. You do not want the readers to become frustrated knowing you have dropped some unexpected spoilers in the review. 


Hopefully, the provided tips will help you curate a good book review essay for your work. However, if you are busy and wondering “can someone write my essay for free?” that seems like an unlikely thing to happen. 


However, there is a solution to that as well. You can always get help from the best essay writing service which might help you review your work for little to no price, and will be willing to assist you in writing the whole thing as well. 


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