Outside of buy OSRS gold instakills I cant think of much that isnt just smack it while it dies and eat up. Group content has like telos and the main examples.. But what else? I want to say punishing in the sense of youre worse popping and trying to bypass it defensives than simply doing a mechanic. I want to see a boss thats a substantial time investment and frightening with no relying on a lazy instakill mechanic if you fuck up.

I mean ambassador is supposed to be this massive fucking deal and we just... Use devotion and mage pray or debil+reflect his onslaught. This mad attack which can slap out like 50k damage just gets noped the fuck out with a single ability or two.. Is that fine? Sure. However, it makes the fight less impactful. How do we get boss badassery thats also impactful? But afterall its only an idea and its difficult to flesh out.

Make their harm scale to how quickly we're dealing damage, more"stuns" such as the qbd timestop, give bosses debilitate immunity or a way to clean it, provide a big boss an off gcd skill that strikes through defensive skills, or provide the boss arena a constant defense drain that drains faster than an overload could reestablish so that you lose you fastest way to make money being a member osrs defensive abilities during the fight.