Scented soy wax candles have many advantages, so they are popular with consumers and those who like to pour candles by themselves. Although soy candles have some obvious advantages, soy is not a magic ingredient. These candles can still cause fires. They can be produced in unsustainable ways, which offset their environmental advantages. If environmentally-friendly candles are a major issue, choose soy candles carefully to ensure that you promote a healthy environment.

Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is a soy derivative developed in the early 1990s. Because soybean is a renewable resource, soybean wax has obvious advantages over petroleum product paraffin wax. The renewable advantages of soy wax are important to many consumers. Soy wax is also cheaper than other all-natural wax, beeswax. Unlike beeswax, soy wax does not have a rich natural fragrance, but it can be used as a carrier medium for essential oils for people who desire aromatherapy candles.

Some people choose to buy whole batches of essential oils and candle-making supplies to make their own candles. An obvious advantage of soy candles is that they are non-toxic and produce much less smoke and dust than other candles. These characteristics make soy candles suitable for families with children or pets. Becoming a popular choice soy wax is also easier to clean than some other waxes; this is a huge advantage because, during the festival, candles will splash the wax on the beautiful tablecloths. In terms of cost, soy candles are often more expensive than paraffin wax, but This cost is caused by the longer combustion life. Soy candles are also much cheaper than beeswax candles because soy wax can be easily produced to meet demand. The ecological advantages of soybean candles can be enhanced by adding recycled packaging and environmentally friendly wicks made of recycled materials. In making your own candles, one of the main advantages of soy candles is that the melting point of soy wax is relatively low, making it easier to use.

Soy wax is also a good medium for essential oils. The slow-burning time of these candles allows them to slowly release essential oils within a few hours to slowly accumulate fragrance instead of a strong smell. Craftsmen can also hang dried leaves and flowers in their soy candles. We, M&SCENT Co., Ltd., have a variety of soy wax candle products, and we also provide suitable soy wax candles price. These products are durable, long-burning candles that have a series of colors, styles, and fragrances to meet the various needs of customers.