I'm a sucker for playmakers Madden 23 coins , and I'm not certain if there's any better pure defensive player out there in free agency than Mathieu. He was released by the Chiefs are forced to permit him to go due to cap constraints and that means someone will to be able to become a difference maker. He's not able to play every game, but it isn't an issue.

No. 4: Odell Beckham Jr., WR

OBJ is still weighing his options, and no one is expected to choose him if they don't intend to for the chance to win. I'm convinced that once the dust settles , he'll come back to the Rams but it's more uncertain after Los Angeles signed Allen Robinson.

Indianapolis has a chance to win here It's a possibility for a team like the Chiefs particularly after they traded away Tyreek Hill.

No. 5: Akiem Hicks, DT

A solid, reliable defensive tackle with an Pro Bowl pedigree? I'm not worried about the fact that he's 32-years old at this point. A shortened injury schedule in 2021 could be one of the reasons why the team hasn't signed him yet, but when he was in the field, Hicks was unstoppable as always.

No. 6: Jadeveon Crlowney DE

Clowney is an excellent rotational pass rusher at this stage within his profession. The most frustrating thing is that he failed to live as he claimed from his time in college. I believe that the stigma lingers with Clowney's name. If you're aware of what to look for, then you'll receive an excellent third down pass rusher that will come onto the field and cause a bit of disturbance.

No. 7: Duane Brown, OT

Brown is a bit old, but nobody will be able to buy madden 23 coins see it wrong, but Brown is also a dependable player who's a great fit on a team as strong as Indianapolis. The Colts require a huge presence on the offensive line , and some much-needed leadership.