Fast-moving consumer goods or commodities are FMCG, also called consumer packaged goods. It refers to the products that are in demand, sales take place quickly, and affordable.

Further, we can see the classification of the FMCG industry:-

  • Food & Beverage Products- Health beverages, cereals, bakery products, snacks, chocolates, ice cream, tea, processed fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc.
  • Personal Care Products- Oral care, hair care, skin care, cosmetics/deodorants, perfumes, personal hygiene products, etc.
  • Household Consumables- Fabric wash, household cleaners, detergents, etc.
  • Tobacco products

Further,these up-and-coming businesses have the potential to change the FMCG market.

  • salesBeat- UK- based startup created the Sales intelligence software to beat the forecast demand for FMCG goods.
  • Shoplinks- A Singapore-based firm called Shoplinks offers an AI-based platform for shared business planning between FMCG brands and retailers.
  • An open-source CMS from the Belarusian company allows FMCG companies to efficiently manage numerous websites.
  • Amplepac- Amplepac is a young Indian company that develops and produces FMCG packaging containers made of sustainable metal by taking advantage of its blockchain-based system
  • NOICE- An American startup produced the zero-waste toothpaste, NOICE using natural components including charcoal, essential oils, and other active substances.

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