As we make our way onward to London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, we're predicting many, many more moon bags ahead. Bottega Veneta recently debuted a pair on the runway with long and dramatic in the best way zips. Fantasy, dreams, and a childlike wonder are what's shaping fashion's new generation of style stars but it's not all whimsy for whimsy's sake. The fashion of Los Angeles is bold, never too formal, and chock full of individualism.

New York Fashion Week goers might be the only street style group willing to brave the cold for a really good look. This past season, we saw a mixed bag of temperatures snowfall and ultra chilly days in the latter half of the week; sunny, almost 60 degree temps at the start.

Hot girl summer has officially ended. In its place is the grunge girl summer at least according to Marc Jacobs and Winona Ryder. Ironically, when a woman wears a tie, it can give a totally opposite impression than the accessory's reputation as professional attire. Fun faux furs were everywhere.

It was not just what the audience was wearing that left such a mark that the Vogue office was clamoring about it weeks later It was the who. Lil Nas X, who is six feet two, once wore a pair that were five Dior Handbag Sale inches high. And that includes sleeping on demand. If you didn't already know, the late summer and early fall have been all about the tank top.

There, his sporty offstage looks featured oversized leather and denim. As Vogue Runway's 2021 wrap up content shows, fashion has never been more expressive and more personal, or less coherent. In 2017, there was a notable shift Bella began looking beyond the tried and true parameters in her wardrobe, towards sleeker, darker fashion territory. Perhaps her move to New York City ignited her obsession with tiny Matrix style sunglasses, a look that quickly caught on with the rest of the world.

The late princess was a fashion trendsetter, and right now we're vibing with her sweatshirt and bike shorts ensembles. This summer we're seeing a mix of high and low, with street stylers heading to the men's shows in bell bottoms and button downs and the couture shows in ballgowns and high jewelry.

On one side there's preppy tailoring and on the other Balenciaga inspired coolness, which means vests, trousers, sporty sunglasses, and leather are all making the rounds. In its place is the grunge girl summer at least according to Marc Jacobs and Winona Ryder.

The Row's Frannie' denim shirt is a good place to start. Of course, Ugg first comes to mind, and these platform styles can't seem to stay on the shelves for long. Will runway shows resume in person, or will designers pivot back to virtual presentations. Expect to see lots of Off White and, we'd venture, plenty of Miu Miu too throughout the week.