This Home Swivel Seat is a chair that can bring a smoother use experience to your home, office. It is made of solid wood material with good load-bearing capacity, which can prevent various tipping phenomena and protect people's body. At the same time, it has a multi-speed adjustment function, you can easily adjust a variety of heights as well as angles, allowing users to change the posture at will, so that people's reading, gaming, rest experience is effectively enhanced.
The fleece seat bag of the Home Swivel Seat can bring you a very comfortable use, filled with high-density PP cotton, so it has a good resilience, can support your hips very well. And its lengthened base according to the mechanics of the principle, to solve the problem of turning back, can be well fit the curve of the human back, and help you relieve fatigue. In addition, its legs are designed with a thickened structure and a light steel frame inside, which can easily load 450 kg of weight.
Name: Kuangyi
Product parameters:
鈥?Brand: Kuangyi
鈥?Model: KY-DNY
鈥?Material: Wood
鈥?Wooden material: Rubber wood
鈥?Fabric material: Linen
鈥?Gross weight: 10
鈥?Can be customized: No
鈥?Whether it can be raised or lowered: Yes
鈥?Whether it can be rotated: No
鈥?Whether to lie down: Yes
鈥?Five-star foot material: solid wood foot
鈥?Handrail type: fixed handrail
鈥?Whether to support ergonomics: Yes
鈥?Place of Origin: Shandong Province
鈥?Prefecture: Heze City
鈥?County: Cao County
鈥?Whether to assemble: assemble
鈥?Packing volume: 1
鈥?Is the taxi transportable: Yes
鈥?Design elements: Other master designs
鈥?Style positioning: Economical
鈥?Details of installation instructions: Provide installation instructions Provide simple installation tools
鈥?Whether to bring a pedal: Yes
Multi-functional lazy computer chair, multi-level adjustment, comfortable sitting, soft touch.Wholesale Solid Wood Table