Going to study in USA after 12th is a great option career-wise. It helps you gain exposure to various academic understandings and be a part of the international crowd. Also, there is more to the same and in this write-up, we will help you with the needful.

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Why the USA?

The points mentioned below will help you decipher why it is a safe option to opt for the USA’s academic settlement:

  • The USA is home to some top-notch colleges across the globe. 33 colleges out of 100's list are located here.   
  • International students are provided with the opportunity to get their hands on numerous top-graded research and training programs.
  • When studying after the 12th, you are allowed to choose between a variety of courses.
  • A degree from the USA will help you with a plethora of job opportunities on an international scale.

Courses that you can pursue in the USA after 12th

  • BSN (BSc Nursing)
  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • Bachelor in Surgery
  • BSc in Marketing
  • Accounting (BBA)
  • BBA in Finance
  • Entrepreneurship (Bachelor)
  • Bachelor in Sociology
  • Bachelor in Geography
  • BA in History
  • Social Work (Bachelor)

Requirements to study in the USA after 12th

Here is a list with all the basic requirements to study in the USA after the 12th:

  • You need to complete your 12th grade from a reputed academic institution with a decent score or the score made mandatory by the university you are applying to.
  • Your age shall be 18.
  • Academic institutes are also strict about the scores obtained in English language competency exams like IELTS and TOEFL. Off late, the Duolingo English exam is also serving the part. Nonetheless, you can seek Duolingo English test coaching to score more.
  • A minimum of 600-800 score is required on SAT and ACT to get admission to any university in the USA.
  • Educational institutions do ask for adequate LOR and SOP documents, provided they are by relevant authorities.
  • An application letter from a university in the USA is also required.

Documents that you will need

  • Passport (valid)
  • Results authenticating your degree. (Establishing the fact that you have actually appeared in your class 12 exams)
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Acceptance letter by the University chosen
  • Bank Statements

List of the Universities in the USA that you can and must apply into

  • Harvard University
  • Standford University
  • Institute of Technology (Massachusetts)
  • Institute of Technology (California)
  • University of Chicago
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Cornell University
  • University of Columbia
  • State University Arizona

Scholarships that you can apply for once decided to study in the USA after 12th 

Clark Scholarship Program (Global): The particular is offered to international students pursuing their financial needs at the University of Clark, the USA. The student is allotted a budget between $15,000 to $25,000/ for their tuition fees.

Tata Scholarship Cornell University: Mostly renowned for the Indian students pursuing their academics in the USA after the 12th. The seats are limited, with aid being granted to 20 students pursuing their UG program at the University of Cornell.

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Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (American University): Primarily this scholarship is awarded to student who aims to return back to their home country after completing their studies in the USA. The area of their work is for the less fortunate ones. Charges for the room, tuition fee, and board expenses are covered by this scholarship.

Things to consider

Well, that was all about the academic needs in the USA, now let’s focus on the other things that you must be careful about:

  • Once in the USA, you need to be running schedules as per the clock. Punctuality is of great importance and those failing to abide by the same are looked down upon. The colleges and universities in the USA make their students learn a variety of skills and of them, punctuality tops the list.
  • With so many students and candidates migrating to the USA every year, the food and serving palette here is quite extensive. Get ready to taste world-class cuisines in large servings.
  • In other countries, we have a habit of booking a cab to cut down on the total time spent travelling. Whereas, when you are in the USA, you just need to take the subway. Also, the colleges and universities in the USA are located in areas that are well accessible over any form of public transport.
  • Make sure to tip your waiter once you have finished up your meal in any of the restaurants in the USA. As a student, we understand you are new, and being well-informed about such a norm will save you from future embarrassment.
  • The terms like colleges and universities are used synonymously in the USA. Do not get confused with the terms used and just remember that they both offer appropriate educational degrees for you to have a right future.

That was all you need to do once decided to study in the USA after 12th. Make sure you have your priorities clear and now want to move forward with an organized schedule.