On Epson printers with access to e-mail, you can print from any device that can send an e-mail with attachments to this mail. To enable the function, you need to register the printer in the Epson Connect service. You can do this using the Epson Connect Printer Setup utility for Windows 11 – 7 or Mac OS X 12.0 – 10.5. epson connect printer setup utility windows

Registering a printer from a computer
Make sure the printer is connected to the Internet, because the software must automatically detect your device.
Download and install the utility on your computer.
If after the installation of the program it did not open automatically, start it manually.
Select your printer model, click Next / Next.
Put a marker in the Printer Registration line, and click Next.
Confirm your agreement with the license and in the next window click OK under the Create a printer request.
Load paper in the machine.
Then follow the instructions of the installation wizard to create an account.
If there is already an entry, select the second option and fill in the form for adding a new printer.
The printer prints the information necessary to use the service and sends a message to the e-mail.

Epson connect printer setup utility
Epson connect printer setup utilityIf you don’t have any idea about Epson connect printer setup utility and want to know what is it, and how it works. Then, you have landed on the right page. An Epson printer setup utility is a setup file that allows you to configure an Epson printer with your computer, laptop, or phone & print all kinds of documents, pictures & emails, etc. After installing this setup utility, You can give print commands to your printer from any device that is capable of sending an e-mail.  It is necessary for you to install this utility software on your computer for enabling your Epson printer to carry out printing tasks such as scan to cloud, Epson email print & remote print, etc.

If you have an email-enabled Epson printer, Then, you only need to download the Epson remote printer driver on your computer along with the Epson connect printer setup utility to set up your printer and print from it.

Epson printer setup utility is available to download on both Mac, Windows PCs, and laptops. You can easily download this software and launch it on your computer to start the Epson connect printer setup. 

After downloading the setup utility on your computer. You have to quickly connect your Epson printer to the wifi network and register it with the Epson connect account to start the Epson connect printer setup and print from your Epson printer.

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Epson Printer Driver Download
Every printer requires drivers to function and print efficiently. That is why it’s important for you to download Epson printer drivers before you start the Epson printer setup. 

Things to remember before downloading the Epson printer drivers

Always download Epson printer drivers according to your computer’s Operating system & browser. Because, different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and internet browsers support different Epson printer drivers.
Driver file name and file types will be different for every Epson printer model and computer Operating system.
How to download Epson printer drivers?
Enter “Epson.com” in the address bar of your internet browser and click on the “Enter” button.
You will see the “Epson” site’s homepage.
Now, “Choose your country” by clicking down on your country’s name on the page.
On the next page, click on the “Support” tab located at the top.
Now, click on the “printer” option from the drop-down list.
After that, you will see a blank box asking you to “Enter your product name” & search for Epson printer drivers by entering or selecting your printer’s model.
Enter your printer’s model name and click on the”Search” button.
Now, select your operating system from the drop-down list.
Just after that, you will see the ” Drivers and utilities combo package installer” below your operating system.
Click on the “Download” button to start downloading the Epson printer driver and install it on your computer.
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Epson Connect Printer Setup
Install “Epson connect printer setup utility & Drivers” after downloading it from Epson.com.
Now, Simply Tap down on the ” I agree to the terms in the license agreement” checkbox available on the “user license agreement” box and click on the ” Install” option.
Click on the “Finish” button after completion of Epson printer installation.
Now, choose your “Epson printer’s model name” and press the “Next” button below it.
After that, choose the “Printer Registration” option and click on the “Next” option down the page.
Agree to the ” License agreement and privacy statement” by clicking on the agree bullet and press the “Next” option.
Now, you will get a message on your computer screen ” Register your printer with the Epson connect”. 
Immediately, click on the “Okay” button.
After that, if you don’t have any existing Epson connect account, then create a new one from the “Create new Epson connect account” option.
If you already have one, then click on the “I already have an account” option.
Now, select the “Add a new printer” option, fill the required details, and choose the “Add” option by clicking on it.
Lastly, click on the ” Close” button to finish the Epson printer installation.
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epson connect printer setup
Connect Epson Printer To Wifi
Before starting the Epson connect printer setup & installation, you need to connect your Epson printer to the wifi internet. Because you can’t set up your Epson printer without connecting it to your home wifi network.

Firstly, You need to start your Epson printer and turn it on.
Press the “Setup” button on your Epson printer to start the printer wifi setup.
Go to the network settings by using the navigation buttons available on your Epson printer.
Now, choose the LAN setup option on your printer screen.
After that, select the “Setup Wizard” option followed by pressing the “OK” button.
Now, you will see the list of all available networks in your area, click on your network’s name and enter its security password.
It will take around 35-40 seconds to connect the Epson printer to the wifi network.
Click on the “Ok” button below the “Confirm settings” option under the network settings menu.
After a few seconds, you will get the confirmation of your Connection status.
Now, you can download & install the Epson connect printer setup utility and Epson printer drivers on your computer and use your printer for printing.
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Add Epson printer to Wi-Fi 
The following steps will help you in connecting your without-screen Epson printers to the wifi internet.

Keep the “Wi-Fi” button pressed for 4-5 seconds
It will let your Epson printer’s Wi-Fi light blink.
Locate and press the WPS button on your router to make it explore the newly available devices.
After that, the wifi light of your Epson printer will start blinking alternately.
Lastly, when you notice both lights illuminating. Then, it means that you have successfully added your Epson printer to the wifi network.
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Best Way To Fix Epson Printer Error 0x9a
We all know that printers work with the drivers, Setup files to provide document prints. But, sometimes users do not configure the system files accurately on their windows Operating System computer. That is why it gives them the 0x9a error on their Epson printers.

 Automatic Repair to fix the Error Code
Go to the browser of your computer and start searching for the “0x9a repair utility software”
After that, Download Epson Error (0x9a) repair utility file on your computer and start its installation.
Click on the Scan button.
After the scan, you have to click on the fix error button.
Reboot your system and check if you have completed the Epson printer troubleshooting for the 0x9a error.
Manual Repair to Fix the Error code
Turn off your computer device.
Turn on your PC and log in to it as an administrator.
After that, you can visit the control panel from the start menu.
Visit the “Backup & restore” option under the control panel and click on the “Restore” option.
After that, you will have to select the “Restore computer to the defaults” & press the next option.
Restart your computer after it’s restored to the defaults.
Check if the 0x9a printer error is fixed.
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Epson Connect Login – How To
Logging into the Epson connect account is simple. Follow the steps below.

Launch the browser of your computer.
You can visit the ” Epson connect login” user page.
There you will get two blank fields username and password having the “Sign in” button below.
Now, You have to carefully enter down the username and password of your Epson connect an account in the related fields.
Lastly, click on the blue “Sign in” button for logging into your Epson Connect account.
Your computer might ask you to save the username and password for future logins. You can save it if you want.
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epson printer setup
Why Does Epson Connect Printer Setup Can’t Find The Printer?
If your Epson printer wifi setup gets failed and your Epson printer won’t connect to a wifi network. Then, network and wifi-related problems are responsible for it. Check the reasons below.

Your printer is not getting a sufficient wi-fi signal supply.
The printer needs to be located in a central location where it could receive the full internet signals without any problem.
Check if your internet or wifi router is working fine.
Remove the MAC address filtering if you see it by taking the print of the network status sheet and following the steps on your printer after getting the MAC address.
Always enter the password of your wifi internet network very carefully.
Select the correct wifi security type ( for example AEP, WPA, WPA-2) for connecting your printer to wifi.
In some Instances, If you still face this error, or unable to complete the Epson printer setup. Then, Get help from experts via Epson printer customer support phone number or chat support to fix your printer’s technical Issues Instantly with 100% assurance. epson connect printer setup utility download