Make seniors' Thanksgivings memorable by getting them involved in these nine joyful activities in their senior living. bingo, puzzles, artistic arts and crafts, and more.

As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s essential to acknowledge the importance of this beloved holiday and the special moments it brings to us all. However, those who are elderly may have a different experience of the holiday. Whether they’re living with family or at a care facility, it’s essential to make sure they can participate in activities that keep them engaged and bring joy on Thanksgiving Day. To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Thanksgiving senior activities. From puzzles to crafts and more, below are our top picks to make this Thanksgiving special for your elderly loved ones.

Puzzles: Puzzles are a great way to keep seniors engaged and entertained. Gather a variety of puzzles, ranging from word searches and crosswords to jigsaw puzzles, and have your elderly family members or senior living residents work on them together, either in person or virtually. 

Plan a Thanksgiving Meal: Seniors who live in assisted living facilities or with family can get involved in planning a special Thanksgiving meal. This could include creating recipes, deciding on the dishes, making a grocery list and assigning tasks. 

Create a Family History/Tree Board: Have seniors help create a family tree board. This board can include photos, names, and dates of birth, as well as other important family history information. 

Involve Seniors in Making Thanksgiving Crafts: Crafting is a great way to get creative and make something special for Thanksgiving. Ask seniors to help decorate the house, such as paper turkeys, pinecone wreaths, and cornucopias. 

Thanksgiving Bingo Game: The bingo cards come with colourful and creative images that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving. The cards feature traditional Thanksgiving symbols such as turkeys, pumpkins, apples, and cornucopias, as well as funny and festive phrases like “Gobble, Gobble!” and “I give Thanks.” They also include fun surprises like a surprising cornucopia and a surprise turkey that will have everyone guessing.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Game: This fun game can be played in person or virtually. Have your loved ones unscramble words related to Thanksgiving, such as “stuffing” or “pumpkin”. 

Arrange or Decorate the Table: Seniors can help set the Thanksgiving table! This could include arranging the place settings, putting out the decorations, and arranging the food. 

Spin the Pie Game: This game is a fun and interactive way to involve seniors in the Thanksgiving festivities. Write down the names of various pies on paper plates, and have seniors spin the plate to find out which pie they’ll be eating on Thanksgiving Day. 

Virtual Gatherings: For seniors who can’t physically be together with family, consider setting up a virtual gathering. Video chat platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, make it easy to connect with your elderly family members or at  senior living.

Participating in these activities such as learning new skills, connecting to communities, and art and crafts can help ageing loved ones bring a sense of purpose and satisfaction to their lives. These are just a few of the many activities you can do to make Thanksgiving special for your elderly loved ones. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can help them to experience the joy of the holiday, even if it looks a little different this year.The involvement of the elderly in different fun senior living activities will help decrease anger issues and depression. Their mobility issues will also be taken care of due to getting busy with some productive work.

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