Of course, you can use the Magic Candles protection, However, as soon Nemesis sees that you with  OSRS Accounts Prayer protection after a few hit on Nemesis, it's going quit using breeze attack and begin using Energy drain (Green powders on your teammates, Draining around 50 Prayerpoints a 5 minutes ) Although you and your teammates can stop it by Attacking Nemesis hard without it hitting you besides draining your prayer points.

When it gets to 1000 Hp, it's going quit using Energy drain and rest it tails, becoming on the floor for ultimate Melee battle. Nemesis doesn't walkIt runs very quickly (probably 2x your Running rate ) and begin attacking you with a Slash attack each teammate, Hiting around 60.

Once it reaches 600 Hp, Nemesis will get off the floor with its wings and start looking for a Target to assault with the 2nd Hardest aspect of Nemesis' power. Once it finds a goal (teammate) It will fly fast and grasp among your teammates and begin a Time limit. You and your Teammates should hit 100 Hitpoints before 15 Seconds is upward, If you don't make it, The person that was gripped from the horrible monster is going to probably be banished (One hit kill) back to lummy. Nemesis will repeat again using a new teammate to grip.

When it (hopefully) gets to 300 Hp, you'll be facing the hardest part. There'll be another cut-scene as you get Nemesis' Healthpoint into 300: Nemesis will fall to the floor and it will become very angry by pounding the floor. Its wing will start wide and get started flying bigger and swirl around to a team and get started charging a ball that is dark.

Again, there will be a final time limitation, You and your teammates will have to get Nemesis' Healthpoint to 0 to complete the toughest monster (besides Tk tok jad) before 1 Minute is up. You will see two dark stairs for melee fight against Nemesis. You can use Ranged or mage in the ground to Cheap OSRS Gold squander time.