When focusing on something important, attending a critical class or during a meeting, keeping your smartphone on silent is necessary. But even if you silent your device, it never gets entirely silent. Turning on silent mode doesn’t mute the media sound, which is why sometimes people get distracted. People who want to totally mute their iPhone shouldn’t just enable silent mode, but they should lower all kinds of sounds from their device.

Sometimes enabling silent mode isn’t enough because vibration effects can even create disturbance in a quiet session. So if you want your iPhone to get totally mute, you have to disable all kinds of sound from it. There’s a ring sound, notification sound, alert sound, media sound. You can turn off all these sounds at once, but don’t worry; here are the steps you should follow to turn off your iPhone totally.

How to Mute Your iPhone and Turn Off All Kinds of Sound

Indeed, you have to get into different sections to turn off all kinds of sound on your iPhone, but the procedure is pretty simple. There’s a physical mute button on your iPhone that you can use to silent your iPhone. By using the physical silent button, you can turn off notification sound, phone call ringing sound. But to lower or totally silent the media’s sound, you have to follow a different method.

  • First, set your iPhone to Silent mode by using the physical mute button on the left side.
  • Press the – volume button and lower the sound. You’ll see a volume window over the left side of the display, and make sure to decrease the sound to the lowest.
  • In case your volume buttons are not working, or if you wish to try out a different method, you can just open the Control Center.
  • On the Control Center, you’ll see a section to control the media volume. Decrease the volume to the lowest and silent it completely.
  • Another way you can try to silent your iPhone is to open the Settings>Sound & Haptics.
  • Under the Ringer and Alerts, use the volume slider and decrease the volume.
  • Toggle off Vibrate on Silent to mute your iPhone completely.

So this is how you can control the sound level of your iPhone. From media sound to alert sound, you control everything.

Once you silent your device in every way, you’ll not hear phone calls receiving sound, messages received sound, screenshot sound, and audio sound.


Users can turn on and turn off their iPhone whenever they want. In important meetings and classes, it is necessary to avoid all kinds of disturbance, but sometimes smartphones don’t let it happen. So it is the responsibility of every user to manage the media volume and alerts according to the situation.

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