As a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of automobiles and various automotive components, Toyota sets the standard in the way storage systems need to be developed and the range of products that need to follow. The system is known as the just-in-time (JIT) inventory management system or the Toyota Method. The focus is on sorting and coding the storage system, one part per bucket, with the core goal of minimizing excess inventory and making it as manageable as possible.

  Plastic Auto Parts Bins - These bins are used to store various small items that need to be kept separately. Storing items in storage boxes ensures that they can be easily found when needed.

  Container Bins – Container bins are great for storing larger and bulkier items such as scrap metal, gravel, broken glass, bricks, trash, recyclables, and more. Comes in the form of a container that prevents the contents from falling out.

  These boxes are best for storing the different parts of your engine, safety gear, tools, tape rolls, fasteners, and a range of other similar items. Bins are easy to use in garages, workshops, and auto repair stations where various small items need to be stored separately.

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