" World of Warcraft WoTLK Gold was a political  minefield so regards filmmaking. It's my opinion that a lot of the rewriting film, during the course of making the movie was very, really challenging and at times disheartening," He says. "Just having to change and compromise simply because of the politics and the nature of that film. That was quite heartbreaking. But I've learned so much and I've become more mature and capable of handling the kind of situation because I've gone through it. However, at the time it was quite traumatic."

At the heart of the issue, Jones believes, was chaos at the studio Legendary Pictures which was which is the producer of World of Warcraft . "It was mostly studio politics. The thing is, Legendary experienced a turbulent period while we were making World of Warcraft ," the director states. "They were part of Warner Bros. They quit Warner Bros. and joined Universal. They were bought by Wanda, this Chinese conglomerate. They had to replace or lose a number of their producing staff during the course of our film."

Jones adds to how important the World of Warcraft brand to Blizzard who is the developer behind the game. "We worked with Blizzard which was extremely cautious about what transpired during the production because their bread and butter was their game World of Warcraft , which was bringing in a billion dollars a year for them," he explains. Even though he acknowledges that the movie's returns would likely be "small potatoes" relative to what Blizzard earns from subscriptions to the game, it was still very protective of cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold its brand. "It was a very lively political scene," he says.