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Some time ago, women use to wear traditional sarees with full-covered sleeves blouses and that too with no design  pattern. But nowadays women love wearing a designer saree with a stylish sleeveless blouse. For different occasions like  a wedding party and all, designer sarees are available in the whole of the market. Now fashion designers are working  really hard to bring up a new range of bridal sarees and Indian wedding sarees in the Indian market. Wearing a sari in the proper way makes it look more beautiful. So draping a saree is also an art.




It matters a lot how you wear the saree; if any woman does not wear the saree in the right manner then she might look a bit odd instead of looking beautiful. So draping a saree in a correct and stylish manner is really important. A saree can be worn in many different ways and in various styles in each region of India and have different manner in its own diverse manner. And this is the unique specialty of saree. How you drape a designer saree really affects its all overlook. It’s really easy to drape a saree in a good and stylish manner.




You must search and select one designer saree of your choice and make it a point that the color of the saree suits you.  Start wrapping the saree at the navel and tuck the plain end into the petticoat and start wrapping the saree. Make it a point to see to it that your saree is designed in such a way that it compliments your height whether short or tall. You  should adjust the length of the saree according to your height. Then make pleats in the front of the saree taking into  account how much length of palla or pallu you want.




There are different ways of taking pallu in a designer sari, either you drape it from front to back or back to front.  Young women love wearing palla from back to front, so this has become a kind of trend in the younger generation. But if  you are going for a designed sari then you should wear it from front to back, so as the design of the sari will be clearly visible.