Plant Protein Pricelist Runge peptide BIO-REFINED PROTEIN 鈪狅細Runge Peptide Runge Peptide is a high-quality protein source suitable for every stage of an animal. It has characteristics of high protein content and high small peptide content, high protein digestion, proportion of aliphatic amino acids, metabolic byproducts, and low antinutrient factors. The product has been treated with special processes to minimize plant protein antinutritional factors, actively promote digestion absorption in larvae. Its amino acid combination is similar to fish powder, which can replace fish powder and reduce feed costs. Runge peptide reference index ItemsGuarantee value Test itemsContent Dry matter %鈮?/p>90.0 Lysine %4.43 Crude ash %鈮?/p>6.4 Methionine %1.65 Crude protein %鈮?/p>60.0 Cystine %1.47 Crude protein digestibility %鈮?/p>94.8 Trytophan %0.74 Water soluble protein 锛坮elative value锛?鈮?/p>50.0 Threonine %2.25 Water soluble protein %鈮?/p>30.0 Arginine %3.64 Acid soluble protein 锛坮elative value锛?鈮?/p>40.0 Histidine %1.38 Acid soluble protein %鈮?/p>24.0 Lsoleucine %2.82 Crude fat %鈮?/p>2.5 Leucine %4.62 Crude fiber %鈮?/p>4.6 Phenylalanine %3.14 Total organic acids %鈮?/p>5.0 Tryosine %2.03 Calcium %鈮?/p>1.5 Valine %3.45 Total phosphorus %鈮?/p>0.81 Alanine %2.75 Non-phytic acid phosphor %鈮?/p>0.43 Glycine %3.64 DE Kcal/Kg4150 Serine %4.01 ME Kcal/Kg3730 Proline %3.78 Recommended Dosage of Runge Peptide Animal speciesFeed typeRecommended addition %Adjustment range PigCreep feed5-10The dietitian can adjust according to the nutritional needs Nursery material銆丳iglet feed2-5 Medium and large pig feed2-3 Swine feed3-5 PoultryLivestock feed5-10 Medium and large poultry feed3-5 Egg poultry feed3-5 RuminantsJuvenile cattle and sheep5-10 Breeding feed3-5 Dairy cow feed5-10 AquaticMarine fish feed5-20Substitute for fish meal or other protein materials Freshwater fish feed5-30 Shrimp crab and frog feed5-20 Other speciesThe dietitian can adjust according to the nutritional needsPlant Protein Pricelist website: