An Axle sleeve is a kind of sliding bearing, which is designed to reduce friction and wear during shaft movement. The cost is cheaper than a rolling bearing, but the friction resistance is relatively large, so it will only be used on some parts. Most of the bushings are made of copper, but there are also plastic bushings. The bushing is mostly placed between the shaft and the supporting structure, and it is very close to the supporting structure, and only the shaft can rotate on the bushing. When assembling the shaft and the sleeve, lubricant is added between the two to reduce the friction generated when it rotates.

The copper sleeve on the shaft acts as a bearing and belongs to the category of sliding bearings. It is a bearing that works under sliding friction and rotates relative to the shaft. Generally, it needs an auxiliary lubrication system to work.

The role is to lubricate, dissipate heat, reduce friction, prolong life, etc.

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